Kiwiana Context for Inquiry Learning @ Milson School


Please record all of your ideas for contexts and possible rich quetions that could be asked within KIWIANA.

Possible topics that fit into the Kiwiana Context

Possible rich question for the specific context

For examples, Famous New Zealanders

- ocean/beach/island concept
- maori language/customs/culture etc
- multicultural society
- vernacular language
- world leaders (inventions/DIY)
- achievements (sports/writing/movies)
- changing society (urban/rural drift)
- tourism and sustainability
- flora and fauna
- energy self sufficiency
- food
- imports and exports
- wearable arts
- design
- research
- transport (rail line)
- effects of global warming on NZ
- natural events and the effects on the land/people (volcanoes/flooding/rivers/droughts)
- defence forces
- NZers abroad
What positive impact has _ had on society today?

How are maori customs weaved into daily life? esp with those overseas. (e.g. carvings, pounamu, art, haka etc)
In what ways has The Kiwi Back Shed turned NZers into world beaters? (E.g. Worlds Fastest Indian)
What made NZers into DIY?
How are global events effecting NZ?
How does the world see NZ?
How have natural events shaped NZ culture

Cocktail Group


Your Task is to develop a digital poem or story based around a chosen topic. Planning for this is essential. You will use Keynote and the blue screening element of this to produce your presentation.

Keynote is like Powerpoint. You can use this in many ways. Keynote has an alpha key that allows you to bluescreen. This means that you can take a photo of yourself against a blue sheet and then insert yourself into an image making the blue background transparent. Be creative in your thinking and make your story have impact. Have a look at the examples provided for a clear idea of what is expected.


You can either plan digitally or on the paper provided. Be creative and have some fun with this. Storyboard how many frames you require and what text will be on each of them. You can plan in this Wiki if you like. You can insert a table and use it as a flow map.


Have a read through the rubric and decide on the level you are aiming for. Obviously you want to aim for the top.


1. How could you use this idea to enhance your classroom programme?

2. Do you see any benefits in getting students to explore the concept of bluescreening? If so please explain, if not please explain.

3. Thinking about your first unit - with learning to learn components - how could you integrate bluescreening into this?

4. Was this activity of use to you? Did you learning something new? You overall comments on the day...