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* Please let me know who is attending the LT days in week 6
  • Reply to my email in regards to requirements - if you did not get it here if the PDF

  • Make sure you come prepared to the LT days with the resources you have collected off teachers. You will be given time to explore other schools wikis on this day as it is a great way to get new ideas.
  • Keep smiling!

27th/28th August

Lead Teacher Workshops


What's Happening

What you need to bring

27 August

Sharing of successes - Inquiry ICT

Updating school wikis with teachers evidence and goals/learning intentions

Check on Action Research progress to date

Plan for the next day :-)

Inquiry Planning and examples of contexts and big questions. Examples of teachers examples to share and celebrate

Teachers examples/students examples - we will upload this to teacher tube, flickr etc and upload to wiki (you will be given 1/2 a day to do this. Please make sure you have the learning intentions that support the examples - these need to be learning based and not application based
Have your wiki ready to share

28th August

You will be involved in created a TV show/good morning show @ Ross Intermediate. Come prepared to present and have some fun behind the camera.

Plan for Workshop 2- Term 1:
  • Megabytes learning and how to access wiki
  • Teaching as Inquiry Reading - in groups deconstruct
  • DLO - how to use these as a tool in your teaching/exploration
  • Organisation of Workshops for Cluster Conference/presentation prep time for presenters
  • Sponcership and catering organisation
  • Inquiry Learning - Jan Thomas from Coley Street School.

Great example from Workshop One: Learning is like... Megan created this one from Whakarongo School

You will find many useful links below. Everything that you will require this year will be posted on the WIKI. Please feel free to upload relevant material, however please do not delete things out of the WIKI.arm.jpg

Links to useful pages in out WIKI

Teaching as Inquiry
Action Research
Useful Links for Learning
Great video clips for workshops
Examples of students learning
Wiki Requirements
Digital Learning Objects