Collaborative Cluster Experience


Many clusters create experience where students can collaborate through online tools such as wikis, video conferencing...the list goes on. After discussing the benefits of this type of activity we have decided to trial a mini one for Term 4 and launch into a larger scale one in Term 1, 2008. Please add to this brainstorm of ideas.mulitvideo_1.jpg

You can edit and add to this at this link:

User name: staylor
Password: manawatu

Task One:

  • Please go to the link above and add you ideas.

Examples from other clusters

Centre4 Web Site You may need to login to access this page
Collaborative Writing Tools

Task Two:

  • With a buddy select one of the ideas and create a collaborative task.
  • This is a chance for you to establish the whole task, research information and share ideas.
  • You can take the ideas back to your school and include other motivated teachers that want to try utilising WEB 2.0 tools or other means of communicating.

Use these document to plan your collaborative task