Cluster Sharing

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Group One:
social interaction
appropriate off school site, relaxed
food and drink was delicious
sharing in all respects
social entertainment
principals stepped up
no competiveness
staff appreciation of where they are
in the bigger picture
Mary from St Mary's stepped up well
overall organisation by Sara was
good acoustics
cost effective

Group Two:
seeing what other schools are doing
seeing all the knowledge - we are all on the same book
seeing how Mary stepped up
Social interaction - all getting together
food and drink
principals had to take the lead
different ways info was presented
humour - not too serious
time limit
drink before not after
venue - much better than a hall
everybody was there - staff included this time
did teachers take anything
away with them?

technical difficulties for Milson

room environment was difficult - because some people couldn't see for vision

not enough mixing across staffs

principals felt a bit under stress

fear of being too competitive
will be easier next time

look at other cluster events before setting the date (Cluster expo next Term is very close).

Lay the room out differently so everyone can see

mix seating up so that people are not allowed to sit with staff members from their school.