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Your Task is to develop a digital poem or story based around the given topics (Cafe Crawler, Skateboarders Paradise, or Shop-a-holic). You will need to travel around Palmy taking photos to help tell your story. You will then bluescreen your group into these images. Planning for this is essential.

There are some tools that you must use through this process. You must bluescreen your group into the photos that you have taken (not all of you have to be in every image). There will be one blue sheet per group so you can set this up in the school where the light is right.


You will use Keynote for your bluescreening and your end product. This programme is kind of like PowerPoint, however much much better! It is used to create professional presentations, digital stories and much more. Have fun exploring this application and while you are exploring think about how this could be used in your classroom programme.



You can either plan digitally or on the paper provided. Be creative and have some fun with this. Storyboard how many frames you require and what text will be on each of them. You can plan in this Wiki if you like. You can insert a table and use it as a flow map.


Have a read through the rubric and decide on the level you are aiming for. Obviously you want to aim for the top.

1. How could you use this idea to enhance your classroom programme?

2. Do you see any benefits in getting students to explore the concept of bluescreening? If so please explain, if not please explain.

3. Thinking about your first unit - with learning to learn components - how could you integrate bluescreening into this?

4. Was this activity of use to you? Did you learning something new? You overall comments on the day...