Kiwiana Context for Inquiry Learning @ Milson School


Please record all of your ideas for contexts and possible rich quetions that could be asked within KIWIANA.

Possible topics that fit into the Kiwiana Context

Possible rich question for the specific context

For examples, Famous New Zealanders

1 Food we love
2 games we play
3 landmarks and icons
4 origins and traditions
5 kiwi slang
6 North and South island differences
7 Sports Icons
8 Maori Traditions
9 Multicultural
What positive impact has _ had on society today

1.How does the food we eat influence our lifestyle?
2. What are the essential elements games kiwis play and how can we incorporate these elements in order to develop social skills at Milson School.
3.How is an icon developed? What stories can icons tell us? What stories can we tell through an icon?

Cafe Crawler Group



Your Task is to develop a digital poem or story based around a chosen topic. Planning for this is essential. You will be using KidPix and imovie to create your story.

1 x title page

At least 4 x kidpix pages with video clips embedded.

You can be creative and write your own story or poem. When you have completed this decide on how many frames are required. Plan this out carefully as this will save you time when creating your pages. Use the flow map to help you organise your thinking



You can either plan digitally or on the paper provided. Be creative and have some fun with this. Storyboard how many frames you require and what text will be on each of them. You can plan in this Wiki if you like. You can insert a table and use it as a flow map.


Have a read through the rubric and decide on the level you are aiming for. Obviously you want to aim for the top.


1. How could you use this idea to enhance your classroom programme?

2. Do you see any benefits in getting students to explore the concept of bluescreening? If so please explain, if not please explain.

3. Thinking about your first unit - with learning to learn components - how could you integrate bluescreening into this?

4. Was this activity of use to you? Did you learning something new? You overall comments on the day...